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commercial tenders at Zakupivli.Pro

Why do you need e-procurement?


reduction of costs for search of suppliers

all online

All processes are conducted online


automation of purchases of the company during 1 day

save your time

reduction of working hours

Zakupivli.Pro — is:


average competition of suppliers in the tender

13 000+

purchases made last year


billion UAH of total purchases

Why Zakupivli.Pro?

Zakupivli.Pro is one of the largest platforms in the system of commercial and government procurement.

Simple and effective business solution. We help Ukrainian companies to cooperate on terms that are beneficial for everyone.

benefit The customer can declare a purchase free of charge
benefit Individual assistance of a manager during announcing a purchase
benefit Convenient and intuitive interface
benefit More than 250 000 suppliers

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Only 4 simple steps

For successful purchase

  • Sign up
  • Announce purchase
  • Choose the best offer
  • Make a deal
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For a profitable sale

  • Sign up
  • Select purchase
  • Make a proposal
  • Conclude a treaty
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The tools we offer

  • instrument

    Private chat

  • instrument

    Fast and accurate tender search

  • instrument

    Team of attracting suppliers to your tenders

  • instrument

    Personal manager-adviser

  • instrument

    Emails with new tenders on chosen categories

  • instrument

    Analytical tools for customer and supplier

An efficient solution according to your needs

New market

  • The base of tenders from companies from all over Ukraine is constantly growing
  • Clear competition conditions common to all participants
  • Electronic trading - safe, fast, no corruption
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Purchase automation

  • Economy in implementation and training of the personnel
  • Purchase with the best price due to high competition among participants
  • Huge audience of suppliers
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Budget of the lot

till 20 thousand

20 - 50 thousand

50 - 200 thousand

200 thousand - 1 million

1 million - 4 million

from 4 million

Cost of access to Zakupivli.Pro, including VAT

23 UAH

150 UAH

450 UAH

650 UAH

2300 UAH

4500 UAH

  • Creation of and work with procurements


  • Procurement announcements of any type (free participation of suppliers)
    It is possible to purchase access for one procurement procedure for 1500 UAH

    4 000 UAH for 30 days, including VAT
    11 000 UAH for 3 months, including VAT
    21 000 UAH for 6 months, including VAT
    40 000 UAH for 12 months, including VAT

    4 000 UAH* for 30 days
    11 000 UAH* for 3 mon.
    21 000 UAH* for 6 mon.
    40 000 UAH* for 12 mon.

  • Package "Free participation for suppliers", unlimited number of procedures

    8 000 UAH for 30 days, including VAT
    23 000 UAH for 3 months, including VAT
    43 000 UAH for 6 months, including VAT
    80 000 UAH for 12 months, including VAT

    8 000 UAH* for 30 days
    23 000 UAH* for 3 mon.
    43 000 UAH* for 6 mon.
    80 000 UAH* for 12 mon.

  • Publishing procurement contracts


  • Granting employees access to the platform


  • Automatic notification of suppliers about announced tenders

    free of charge

  • Manager advice

    free of charge

  • Training and support

    free of charge

Frequently asked questions

Electronic commercial procurement is a modern tool that allows you to quickly purchase the goods or services you need for your company at the best price.

In essence, commercial tenders are tenders in which suppliers compete with each other for the right to enter into a contract with a business customer.

More and more Ukrainian companies are starting to use e-commerce procurement to optimize procurement processes.

The ability to get the most advantageous offer, saving time and effort, and automating the process are the main advantages of using the trading platform to purchase goods or services.

Plus, you don't have to look for suppliers for a long time. It is enough to place the purchase on the trading platform, and the suppliers themselves will find it and send you a price offer. It's easy and convenient.

Zakupivli.Pro is an electronic trading platform where commercial and government tenders for Prozorro are announced. Any legal entity or individual entrepreneur can participate in tenders.

In commercial tenders on the Zakupivli.Pro site, more than 300 active buyers every month. The average competition of suppliers in the tender is 3.5, which allows the customer to receive a more favorable price offer.

Convenient and understandable personal account, more than 200,000 suppliers in the database, help of a personal manager when publishing a purchase, analytics tools, a team to attract suppliers to your tender.

On the site Zakupivli.Pro you have the opportunity to see the rating and reviews of other companies. This allows you to make a more effective decision on working with one or another potential partner.

You can also use a mobile application on Android or iOS for convenient and comfortable work on your smartphone.

In addition, you can take advantage of the extensive training base: online course “Digitalization of Commercial Procurement”, articles with expert advice, webinars.